Live: Prime Day Day 2 laptop deals – Dell, Asus, Chromebooks and more


(Image credit: Future)

Welcome to day 2 of this delicious live blog. ‘s computing team helped thousands of people buy a new laptop yesterday, and I’m leading the effort to do the same on the second day of Prime Day.

Yes I agree. Why is it still called Prime Day when it’s now over 72 hours?

Grab a Microsoft Surface Pro X for just £669

Microsoft Surface Pro X on white background

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We covered this on our main Prime Day deals blog, but it’s so weird I thought I should come here too.

Plus, it’s the only deal that’s launched on a laptop today, so I thought it was probably worth sharing – although I realize the Surface Pro X comes with a Qualcomm chipset.

Please note that this does not come with the signature keyboard, so you will need to buy it separately (and dropped to £104 in Prime Day sales) – but this laptop/tablet is designed to charge a smartphone-like battery, and we found it manages around 9 hours in testing.

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