The best mouse pads 2022: top pads and mats for your mouse

Editor’s notes: October 2022

We’ve recently overhauled our best mouse pads list in order to ensure that you’re getting the latest, greatest, and best value for your money. Many of our top picks are gaming mice, but that’s because the first set of mouse pads we’ve tested are gaming mouse pads – although, to be fair, they’re also much better than their non-gaming counterparts.

As soon as we’re done testing non-gaming specific mouse pads and mats, we’ll be adding the best ones here, expanding our list from 10 to 15 because there’s just too many good ones out there.

Bear in mind that we’re not doing individual reviews of the mouse pads we test because they would simply be too short. However, know that we’ve tested every single product, noting our experience with it here to help you decide.

Michelle Rae Uy, Buying Guides Editor

Having the best mouse pad is just as important as having top-notch peripherals. The surface that you’re mousing on is an important part of the overall experience of using a mouse, whether you’re gaming, doing work, or creating content.

There’s a lot of focus on which is the best mouse to buy – whether that’s a normal everyday rodent, or a gaming mouse. However, very little thought is generally given to what mouse pad should be paired with the peripheral, if any thought at all. And, we’re here to change to change that. 

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