The best heart rate monitors 2022

The best heart rate monitors will help you learn more about your fitness, train more efficiently and track your progress better than a smartwatch. If you’re looking to break your personal bests this year, you’ll need one, especially if you’re planning on monitoring your heart rate underwater, prefer exercises that require your wrist to move, or even exercise disciplines like boxing, which comes with equipment that involves your wrist, preventing you from wearing the watch.

All best fitness trackers and best running watches can record heart rates, but not all are as accurate as heart rate monitors. Results between wearables can vary greatly, and low-quality devices can report sudden spikes and dips when none were expected. False data can compromise your training, so adding a heart rate monitor to your training setup is essential for truly accurate results. Some watches require a heart rate monitor to triangulate your data to unlock certain features such as “running power” on the best Garmin watches.

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