Bluesound’s new wireless speaker is like a supercharged Sonos One

Bluesound is a brand that aims to take on Sonos, and it usually does so with great success. Just like that company, Bluesound’s product lineup consists of a range of wireless speakers, soundbars and subwoofers, as well as amplifiers that can be used to bring wireless streaming to any old speaker.

The latest wireless speaker to arrive from Bluesound is the Pulse M ($449 / £449 / €549 / around AU$700), which at first glance looks like a slightly beefier Sonos One. Similar to that model, the Pulse M is a compact standalone speaker with high-res streaming capability that can be wirelessly paired with a second Pulse M for stereo listening. It can also be coupled to a wireless subwoofer for extended bass, or used as a surround speaker in a 5.1 system complete with one of the company’s soundbars.

Telegram forced to clamp down on paid posts because Apple wasn’t getting a cut

Telegram and its users are avoiding Apple’s strict payment guidelines.

The encrypted messaging platform has had to crack down on its iOS users who create paid posts through third-party methods because they violate Apple’s payment policies.

Worried about Nvidia RTX 4090 melt cables? Leaked photos of RDNA 3 could be a tonic

A prototype AMD graphics card has been discovered – reportedly a Navi 31 model, presumably the RX 7900 (we’ll come back to that point) – and it shows that the GPU will work with a pair of 8-pin power connectors.

The image was shared on Twitter by hardware leaker HXL, who regularly contributes to the GPU leak, and reportedly comes from a QQ chat group (in China). So heavy spice is needed here, but that said, the photo appears to be genuine (if faked, it’s a good effort with some attention to detail).

Instagram is down and suspending many accounts – here’s what we know


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Our Lifestyle Managing Editor Josie Watson (opens in new tab) mentioned an interesting point in this limbo where no one knows what is going on and if the problem is currently being fixed.

Mainly due to the fact that customer service from Meta, Twitter and others on social media is almost non-existent, so where are influencers and businesses going to try to find a solution to this compared to the casual user?

There isn’t currently one, it’s a wait-and-see approach, and this can be anxiety-inducing for many who want to communicate with their fans but are locked out of their accounts.

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An interesting capture of Matt Navarra on Twitter (opens in new tab) – Instagram released an update earlier today for ‘bug fixes’. Could this be related to what some users are currently experiencing?

LinkedIn post from the Instagram communication team

(Image credit: Cameron V – LinkedIn)

This was posted by Instagram’s UK communications team, where he claims it’s ‘related to a technical issue happening’ with the app and is being looked into.

We’re still waiting for an update, but you get the feeling it’s the battle stations in Meta these days, trying to find a fix for this.

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This is how the problem was discovered – countless users were noticing that their follower count was dropping too quickly and eventually others would share on Twitter how their account would be suspended for no reason.

While there is no word from the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri (opens in new tab) however, we are awaiting a response from the company as to when the issue will be resolved.

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This is an example from @QueenVIP8 of how her Instagram account was suddenly blocked for no reason.

Again, if you open Instagram just to see photos of dogs once a day and you’re wondering why you’ve been blocked, don’t panic – it’s a bug and Instagram is aware.

An illustration of Elon Musk drawn by thongyhod looking baffled by the downfall of Twitter logos

(Image credit: Shutterstock/thongyhod/Twitter)

After the news earlier today that Twitter CEO Elon Musk is looking to charge for the blue tick, and now Instagram is down, could we see a hat trick soon from another social platform in trouble?

Snapchat stops crashing?

Facebook ceases to face?

MySpace runs out of space? Again?

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Cheer up – it looks like Instagram is looking into the issue now. The best thing is to grab a drink, and hopefully when you get back, it’s all over.

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If you’re getting this message, you’re not alone, but Instagram seems to be aware of the problem.

Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU starting prices appear – and there’s good news and bad news

Nvidia’s RTX 4080 showed up at retailers with a graphics card displayed on the MSRP in the US as we approach the official on-sale date – but the news isn’t so good in the UK (or elsewhere in Europe).

So the official MSRP in the US is $1,199 for the GeForce RTX 4080 (16GB version – which is the only variant now, of course, as the 12GB rotation has been canceled), and we’ve also seen that it will be sold in the UK at an MSRP of £1,269 (we’ll come back to that).

Focal’s new external speakers sound like the rock trolls from Frozen and I want them

If you were to ask us to compile a list of possible products that Focal could conceptualize, research, create and launch next, stone-shaped and stone-colored outdoor speakers wouldn’t show up anywhere – but that doesn’t mean we’re not on board.

The French high-end audio specialist (see the latest Focal Bathys and Focal Utopia – aka some of the best looking headphones I’ve ever seen) has just released the Littora – which we assume is a play on ‘coastline’, or that is, relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake.

How to activate a Halloween theme in Opera GX with this hidden code

As we’re on the cusp of Halloween and a night of trick-or-treating, there’s always an app that helps us get into the Christmas spirit, and this year’s example is the Opera GX browser. It is available on iOS and Android with a secret theme.

Opera GX is, based on our tests, a fun web browser with a focus on games. On the desktop, it allows you to view Twitch streams and Discord chats in the browser. You can’t do the same in the mobile version of Opera GX, but it still has the Halloween theme.

Elon Musk’s Latest Stupid Twitter Idea Could Kill the Platform Forever

It’s not even a week after Elon Musk becomes the owner (or ‘Chief Twit’ as he calls the position) of Twitter, and his plans to overhaul the verification process seem like a terrible idea.

According to On the edge (opens in new tab), Musk is planning to increase the monthly price of Twitter Blue, which lets you edit tweets, as well as get custom icons and exclusive features, from $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$5.99 to $19.99 / £19.99 / AU$20.99. When signing up, Twitter Blue users will also be verified, which gives them a blue tick next to their username – something that was previously limited to verified users such as notable public figures, politicians and members of the media.

Best juicer 2022: ranking the finest juicers we’ve tested

The best juicers can make light work of even the toughest veggies, and they’re great for squeezing every last drop from tasty fruits too. They’re easy, effective, great for healthy living and much more convenient than stocking up on shop-bought juice.

While specific models may differ, juicers all work in much the same way – so here’s how to juice ginger, and here’s how to juice a lemon. As you can see, it couldn’t be easier.

The best food processor 2022

The best food processors are massive time-savers, and they can really up your presentation game too. They love the jobs we love to hate, such as chopping, grinding, slicing and shredding, and they do it much faster than we can. Whether it’s making salsa, salads and smoothies or preparing cheese, chocolate, cucumber or heavy cream, food processors are fantastic devices to have.

There are lots of models to choose from, but the basic design is similar across all kinds of processors: they have one or more spinning blades that chop and/or mix ingredients. You’ll often get multiple blades for different tasks, and many food processors are also designed to whisk or emulsify, knead dough or shred veggies for utterly effortless slaws and salads.